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What's Weebuma?

Small Business Marketing. It's what we do. So much, that our name is based off of this. Small (Wee) (Bu)siness (Ma)rketing. Weebuma! Small business owners wear many hats to ensure  their business thrives. Our mission is to give small business owners more availability to grow their organizations through the use of innovative and proven marketing techniques. As honest and experienced professionals whose first priority is growing our client's businesses, Weebuma provides capability, adaptability, and scalability. Since 2010, Weebuma has been serving loyal clients in the Western PA area - get in touch to start enjoying the benefit of letting someone else do the marketing work while you grow your business.

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There's a big difference between marketing that works and marketing that doesn't.


Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Getting the marketing right is crucial in the growth of a business. Unsure what your next step is? Let Weebuma guide your marketing.

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Trying to grow your social pages or generate more traffic from your social pages? Not enough time in the day to run your business AND master your social presence? Weebuma offers customized social media solutions for your business to reach your business goals, expanding your business online.



Your website is your 24/7 sales team. Is yours generating the leads and sales you'd expect? Need eye-catching digital marketing to share on your social channels? Need to redesign a logo, or create one from scratch? Weebuma has the solutions for your business.



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