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Our Approach

When running your small business, you wear multiple hats. One hour, you're the teams top salesperson. The next, you're head accountant running the books. The next, you're the merchandiser with the sharpest eye. The next, you're the friendliest customer service rep on staff. Each of these processes have tools in the industry you can purchase to make your business flow effortlessly. When you wear your sales hat, you rely on CRMs like Salesforce. When you are an accountant, you rely on Quickbooks or Peachtree. When you need to track inventory or project tasks, you rely on Monday or other inventory software. But who do you rely on for your marketing, the most important piece of the business equation?

Weebuma's mission is to give small business owners more availability to grow their organizations through the use of innovative and proven marketing techniques.

Need a friendly guide on how to improve your current marketing? Need a website? Need help with getting your company found online and easily searchable? Need a guide on how to better manage your social media marketing? Need custom-logo products or other promotional items?

Weebuma can help!

Drawing on a Board


CEO, Thinker, Strategist, Nerd.

Every business has a story to tell. It's my job to ensure the story is told, from beginning to end.



Designer, Event Planner, Social Pro.


I like to think of myself as the white gloves of the operation, polishing everything we do. 


Sophie & Beau

Woof woof, woof woof woof. 

That's pupper for "We're Sophie and Beau, the ambassadors who get paid in belly rubs and treats."

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